Karen Gillan on Why the 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Characters Aren't the Avengers

"Everybody is a bad guy," says the former "Doctor Who" star of Marvel's 2014 space opera.
"Everybody is a bad guy," says the former "Doctor Who" star of Marvel's 2014 space opera.

Since it was first announced, the appeal of Guardians of the Galaxy to Marvel fans unfamiliar with the characters had seemed to be, "It's like the Avengers, but in space!" However, according to castmember Karen Gillan, that's the wrong comparison.

Talking to Total Film to promote her upcoming romantic comedy Not Another Happy Ending, the former Doctor Who actress suggested that what really differentiates the Guardians from Marvel's existing cinematic superteam is their attitude. "What's different about the Guardians is that, all the heroes, everybody [in the movie] is a bad guy," Gillan said. "There's just good guys within the bad guys."

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If that's true, then perhaps the infamous comment from the movie's Comic-Con teaser -- wherein John C. Reilly's second-in-command called the team "a bunch of assholes" -- is less rude and insulting and more descriptive. If nothing else, having a main character who's a bit of a douche didn't hurt the Iron Man movies, so perhaps director James Gunn is onto something here.

Gillan also addressed the rumor that we'll see the Guardians face off against the Avengers onscreen sooner rather than later. "That sounds really cool," she said, before admitting that it's "not something I've heard anything about, though." Maybe we'll have to wait for the third Avengers movie to see that showdown.