Kevin Feige Talks Post-'Ant Man' Plans for Marvel Studios

"Daredevil," "Punisher" and "Doctor Strange" teased as upcoming projects in various stages of development by the Marvel Studios president.
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Wondering which movies you might be eagerly awaiting three or four years from now? With the release of Thor: The Dark World just around the corner, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige has been doing a lot of press -- which translates into being asked a lot of questions about future Marvel projects that may not have been announced yet.

"We’re trying to figure out what to do with Daredevil now," Feige told Bleeding Cool, adding that "Punisher could show up at one point. You know, once we get characters back into the Marvel fold we don’t want to do something right away. We want to do the smart thing at the smart time." The movie rights to both Daredevil and Punisher had been held by other entities until recently (20th Century Fox and Lionsgate, respectively).

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Meanwhile, for those hoping for the announcement of a female-led Marvel Studios movie sometime soon, it appears that Feige is playing those cards close to his chest. "In terms of a solo standalone female hero, I'm not sure when that will be," he explained to "We make two movies a year. We've planned through 2015, and we have some ideas of what we're doing in 2016 and 2017, so we'll see what happens." He did, however, point to Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Iron Man 3 as movies featuring women in "major roles."

That latter interview also sees Feige name Doctor Strange as a project in "active development right now," although he goes on to say, "I think it'll be the middle of next year before we announce officially what the post Ant-Man films will be." The middle of next year? Just in time for San Diego Comic Con 2014…