Marvel's Kevin Feige Avoids 'Iron Man' Drama in Twitter Chat

Kevin Feige Robert Downey Jr. Avengers Premiere - H 2013
<p>Kevin Feige Robert Downey Jr. Avengers Premiere - H 2013</p>   |   Getty Images
The studio president was happy to answer questions about Tony Stark's armor, and the fictional billionaire's preferred karaoke song -- but not whether the unsigned Robert Downey Jr. or other stars would return.

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige played it straight during Friday's Twitter chat sponsored by Verizon FiOS, answering fan questions about the making of Iron Man 3 but avoiding questions about deal-making with talent for future installments.

Marvel's ongoing negotiations with its stars, including Robert Downey Jr., burst into the open this week when THR reported that there's a chance Downey may not return to the role. 

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Feige answered questions ranging from the inspirations for the technology in Iron Man’s armor to how long it took to write the script to whether the Malibu mansion in the movie is real (nope).

He even revealed the song Iron Man would most likely sing during karaoke, who would come out on top if Robocop and Iron Man fought? (“Probably AC/DC” and you can guess the other answer.)

But any questions about Downey's return went unanswered.

Also avoided was a question about whether American audiences will ever see the special Chinese cut of the movie, or about future possible movies with Marvel characters such as Daredevil or Black Panther.

Many fans asked questions about why Ben Kingsley's Mandarin differed so much from the comics, though, and there were requests that Iron Man and Marvel visit Japan.

Feige did offer some teases -- saying the reason that spy agency SHIELD wasn’t seen in Iron Man 3 will be revealed in future films, and that Extremis, the superhuman affliction, will reappear in a future Marvel project.

My favorite question?

Jeremy Henderson (@ChamberJeremy) asked the following:

Don’t worry buddy. You weren’t the only one that didn’t get the answer he was looking for.