Kevin Smith Says His Driver License Causes Sarcasm With TSA Agents

Kevin Smith- premiere of Rogue One A Star Wars Story -Getty-H 2017
Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic
The filmmaker is known for his hockey jerseys, and that doesn't go unnoticed at the airport.

Filmmaker Kevin Smith on Wednesday shared a funny story on Twitter about what happens to him sometimes at the airport when going through security. 

The Dogma helmer posted the photo portion of his driver's license and explained that more than once it has gotten a sarcastic comment thrown his way from a TSA agent.

"Naturally, I’m wearing one of my jerseys in my driver’s license photo," Smith began. "So whenever I have to produce identification at the airport, 4 times out of 10, the @TSA agent will look at my license, then stare at me for a second or two before saying 'You’re still wearing the same shirt.'"

The quip is pretty funny as any fan of Smith's knows when he is not in his "Silent Bob" attire, he is sporting a hockey jersey. 

Smith has been in the news lately after suffering a near-fatal heart attack. 

Since then, the Chasing Amy director has posted numerous updates about his health and photos of his slimmed-down figure.