'Kick-Ass 2' Stars Weigh In on Jim Carrey's Comments (Video)

"The title of the movie is 'Kick-Ass,' so you've got to expect some sort of violence in it," Donald Faison tells THR.

Months before it opened in theaters, Kick-Ass 2 made headlines when star Jim Carrey announced on Twitter that he would not be promoting the upcoming sequel because he felt he could no longer support such a violent film.

The Universal film's star Chloe Grace Moretz, writer-director Jeff Wadlow and comic writer Mark Miller, have all spoken about Carrey's comments, saying that the violence in the film is part of the story, and that while they disagree with Carrey's comments, they think he was great in the pic.

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Ahead of the film's Aug. 16 release, Donald Faison, who plays one of the crimefighters named Doctor Gravity, and Morris Chestnut, who plays Hit-Girl's (Moretz) guardian Sergeant Marcus Williams, speaks to THR about the controversy.

"I respect anything anybody says because I've never walked in his shoes. I don't know what his experiences have been," says Chestnut.

While he says he respects Carrey's feelings, he also tells THR that he disagrees with his viewpoint.

"I think this movie is fun. I think this movie is fantasy. It's escapism," he says.

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Faison's opinion was similar to Chestnut's. The Scrubs actor says: "Jim's entitled to his opinion. I'm happy he's in the movie. He did a great job in the movie. If that's what he's feeling, then that's what he's feeling. I can't hold it against him."

"The title of the movie is Kick-Ass, so you've got to expect some sort of violence in it," he adds.

Faison also reveals that he has wanted to be in a superhero film since he was a child, jumping off the air conditioners and pretending to fly.

"Every child wants to be a superhero at some point," he says.

He also reveals that he has previously auditioned for a part in another superhero franchise.

"Back in the day when Tim Burton was first trying to find Robin, I auditioned -- like everybody in the world," he says.

Watch THR's interview with Faison and Chestnut above to learn more about the Doctor Gravity costume.

Kick-Ass 2 opens in theaters on Aug. 16.

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