'Kingsman: A Golden Circle' Trailer Gets Big Applause at CinemaCon

How do you change things up for a sequel? Try going from London to Kentucky.

The trailer for Kingsman: A Golden Circle revealed new details of the Matthew Vaughn sequel, such as the mystery surrounding characters played by newcomers such as Channing TatumJulianne MooreHalle Berry and Elton John

The often subdued CinemaCon crowd reacted strongly to the footage, giving it one of the bigger cheers of the convention.

The trailer opens with Eggsy (Taron Egerton) having plenty of fun in a spy car — complete with missiles. But soon things turn south, as the Kingsman learns they are up against an an underworld organization whose members are unidentifiable — finger prints are removed and teeth are filed smooth.

When the Kingsman's mansion is blown up, Eggsy and Merlin (Mark Strong) travel to Kentucky for some backup. There they meet Tatum's character, some sort of southern spy operative who has plenty of gadgets of his own (among them: a lasso that can cut a man in two).

There's also a look at Harry (Colin Firth), who returns wearing an eye patch.

The cast wasn't present at the viewing in Vegas. Fox is releasing Kingsman: A Golden Circle on Sept. 29.