Fox Jokes Solar Eclipse Is Part of Massive 'Kingsman' Promo

How far will the studio go to promote the new movie based on the Mark Millar comic book property? Further than you'd expect.

When it comes to promoting September's Kingsman: The Golden Circle, 20th Century Fox is aiming for the stars … or, at least, the moon.

A new promo for the movie suggests that next week's solar eclipse not only isn't the natural phenomenon the world believes it to be, but that it's a massive marketing stunt to get people to pay attention to The Golden Circle.

It's a topical, if unusual, marketing angle, but this isn't a stand-alone effort — the studio also will be offering special "Harry Hart" glasses to help view the eclipse (with one eye blacked out, a la Colin Firth's character in the movie), and has named this Monday as #GoldenCircleDay, describing it as an "upcoming holiday" related to the movie ... which might suggest some more unexpected promotion is to come.

Whether or not Kingsman: The Golden Circle features any eclipse, lunar or solar, won't be known until the movie's release Sept. 22.