Studio 8 Picks Up Latest Comic From 'Kingsman: Secret Service' Creator Mark Millar

Huck Cover 2 Millar - P 2015
Courtesy of Image Comics
The comic, created by Millar with artist Rafael Albuquerque, will hit shelves Nov. 18.

Studio 8 has picked up the rights to Huck, the latest comic from prolific comics author and Kingsman: The Secret Service co-creator Mark Millar.

The comic tells the story of Huck, a superhuman but of simple intelligence, who tries to anonymously perform one good deed per day, from the mundane to the fantastic. When he is revealed to the world by a reporter, Huck finds himself in the crosshairs of villains — from whom, unbeknownst, he was hidden his entire life.  

Millar co-created the book with artist Rafael Albuquerque, with the first issue hitting shelves Nov. 18.

Studio 8 is now out to writers and directors to adapt the limited series. Jon Silk will oversee the project for the company.

Millar is the comics writer Hollywood always watches out for. The author worked for DC and Marvel, penning such landmark titles as The Ultimates, Old Man Logan and Civil War, while also striking out on his own by co-creating Wanted and Kick-Ass. The latter two were adapted by Hollywood into hits, and since then, Millar’s creator-owned work, which is released under the imprint Millarworld, has increasingly been acquired before it gets published.

The last comic of his to get the movie treatment was Secret Service, adapted by Matthew Vaughn into Kingsman: The Secret Service, Fox’s $412 million hit starring Colin Firth.

Brazilian artist Albuquerque also is co-creator, with Scott Snyder, of DC/Vertigo’s monster comic American Vampire.

Studio 8 is the banner created by former studio head Jeff Robinov that is funded in partnership with the Chinese investment management firm Fosun Group and with Sony Pictures Entertainment. The company has been quietly acquiring and putting together a filmmaker-driven slate as it works toward its goal of making up to six films a year.  

Millar and Albuquerque are repped by Paradigm and attorney Harris Miller.