Kneel Before 4-Page Preview of 'Action Comics: Zod' (Exclusive)

ZOD #1 Cover - P 2013
<p>ZOD #1 Cover - P 2013</p>   |   DC Comics
As part of DC's Villains Month, the bad guy from this summer's "Man of Steel" takes over "Action Comics" to tell his origin story.

Having reminded moviegoers of his existence in this summer's Man of Steel, General Zod has taken advantage of DC's Villains Month to steal an issue of Action Comics for himself to tell his origin story -- and we have four exclusive preview pages for you to enjoy.

Written by incoming Action Comics writer Greg Pak with art by Ken Lashley, Action Comics #23.2: Zod is part of the second week of releases from DC's Villains Month event running throughout September that sees the publisher's entire superhero line suspended for the month and replaced with a series of one-off issues. The bad guys are featured in the DC universe at the same time the new Forever Evil series puts them in charge of Earth -- temporarily, at least.

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The Zod showcased in this issue is a relative newcomer in the current DC comic continuity -- he hasn't even met Superman yet -- but one that's destined to cause trouble for the Man of Steel in the months ahead. Whether said trouble will be quite as destructive as that caused by his cinematic counterpart, of course, remains to be seen. For now, enjoy the opening four pages of Zod: