'The Last Guardian': Listen to Music From the Anticipated Video Game (Exclusive)

The Last Guardian - H - 2016
Composer Takeshi Furukawa worked hard to do Fumito Ueda's epic justice.

A score years in the making is finally seeing the light of day.

The anticipated video game The Last Guardian is out Tuesday, and Heat Vision is exclusively debuting music from the score by composer Takeshi Furukawa.

The Last Guardian, from Shadow of the Colossus designer Fumito Ueda, centers on a boy and his friendship with Trico, a giant creature who looks like a hybrid of a bird and a cat.

Furukawa was first approached for the project five years ago — but the game was delayed to be reengineered for PlayStation 4. Two years later, he resumed his efforts and went on to compose and conduct a score that was performed by the London Symphony Orchestra, Trinity Boys Choir, and London Voices at Air Studios.

"Ueda-san’s game is characterized by a wonderful sense of ambiguity, allowing each player to experience the narrative according to their own interpretation," says Furukawa, who also is known for his work on Star Trek: Enterprise and Star Wars: The Clone Wars. "Therefore, it was imperative for the music to likewise function in a restrained and suggestive manner, and not overwhelm or verbosely spoon-feed emotion."

To do this, he did not attempt to score the emotion of the characters, which he says was conveyed by the expressive animations. Instead, he focused on "highlighting the cinematic grandeur of the locale."

"By employing such a method, I believe the music was able to contribute just the right amount of emotional voltage, and moreover help elevate the intimate story between the boy and Trico to a scope larger than life," says Furukawa.

The Last Guardian is available now for Sony's PlayStation 4.