Latest 'Star Wars' Tease: Luke Skywalker's Wardrobe

Rian Johnson's most recent 'Episode VIII' set photo hits the internet.
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Expect more Luke Skywalker in next year's Star Wars: Episode VIII.

Director Rian Johnson shared another image from the set of the follow-up to last year's Star Wars: The Force Awakens on Tumblr, featuring what looks to be Skywalker's cloak from the final scene of that movie next to some camera and audio equipment. (This is Star Wars, though; it might turn out that those are actually pieces of old-school Resistance technology.) Johnson's caption reads, "In the home stretch."

On Twitter, Johnson joked with a fan who claimed that the cloak actually belonged to him:

It's telling that the shot teasing the end of production is of Skywalker's cloak — not only did the last movie close on that character being discovered after being absent for the majority of the feature, but it's rumored that the new movie starts with a continuation of that scene, with much of the subsequent feature focusing on the character.

Will Episode VIII make up for The Force Awakens' lack of Luke? Expect to find out more as the movie approaches its Dec. 15, 2017, release.