Faith-Based 'Left Behind' Books Returning to Big Screen

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Paul Lalonde and John Patus, who worked on the original films based on the Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins books about the End of Days, have written a screenplay that plays like a disaster movie.

Left Behind, the faith-based, action-packed book and movie series about the End Times, is getting a film reboot thanks to some familiar screenwriters.

Paul Lalonde, the writer and producer of the original set of movies made by Lalonde's Cloud Ten Pictures, and John Patus, who worked on the final entry, 2005's Left Behind: World at War, have written a screenplay, and Cloud Ten is now searching for a director. The script will be shown to buyers at the American Film Market, which gets under way this week in Santa Monica.

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Cloud Ten is eying a budget in the $15 million range, making the project one of the more ambitious Christian-themed movies to be made by an independent faith-oriented company.

The Left Behind movies, which starred Kirk Cameron and launched in 2001, adapted the mega-successful books written by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins that reportedly sold more than 65 million copies.

The movies were political thrillers that focused on the End of Days and the Rapture. Those Christian beliefs are again the focal point of the new movie but the story will be more in the mold of a classic disaster movie. The plot unfolds during the first few hours after the Rapture and focuses on the survivors.

Christian-themed movies are in the news once again, especially in light of the success of Courageous, made by Sherwood Films. The movie cost $2 million to make and has grossed almost $28 million domestically, showing that the faith-based film market continues to be one of the most profitable segments in the film business. 

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