Legendary Invites Fans to Share Their 'Godzilla' Roar

The new promotion for Gareth Edwards' monster reboot asks fans for their best impression of the overgrown atomic lizard.
Warner Bros. Pictures

Much has been made of Godzilla’s roar in the past — including by those involved in re-creating it for this summer’s reboot centering on the irascible giant lizard. To promote the new Godzilla movie, Legendary is asking fans to add their own roars to the chorus.

Amateur roarers can submit their best bellows to The Roar Heard Around the World, with submissions unlocking an exclusive preview of the movie, it was announced Monday.

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To inspire wannabe vocalists, Legendary also released a brief introduction to the roar itself, with director Gareth Edwards, sound designer Erik Aadahl and producer Thomas Tull among those talking about the distinctive sound effect. “It was very different from anything I’d ever heard before when I was a kid,” Tull remembers, while Aadahl admits that “there’s nothing like that original Godzilla roar.” Not that that stops Bryan Cranston from attempting his own version, of course.

Godzilla opens May 16. Watch the “Share Your Roar” promo below.