Legendary Pictures Reveals 'Pacific Rim' Merchandise Licensing Deals

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<p>Guillermo del Toro&#39;s sci-fi epic &quot;Pacific Rim,&quot; with Charlie Hunnam and Rinko Kikuchi, used all seven stages at the massive Pinewood Toronto Studios.</p>
The production company announced the licensing partners for toys, video games and trading cards based on the science-fiction film.

Legendary Pictures has revealed a slew of merchandise licensing deals ahead of the July release of Guillermo Del Toro's sci-fi tentpole, Pacific Rim

The production company announced Friday that it had partnered with the National Entertainment Collectibles Association, Jump Games, Yukes Company, Cryptozoic Entertainment, Titan Books, Insight Editions, Brown Trout Publishers, Legendary Comics, Rubies Costumes and Sideshow Collectibles. 

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"As anticipation mounts for the release of Pacific Rim, Legendary Entertainment is committed to collaborating with a world-class lineup of licensing partners that will serve as the foundation for a strong merchandising program," said Joel Chiodi, Legendary’s EVP of theatrical marketing, in a news release. 

The NECA will supply various toys and apparel for the film. Console videogames will be produced by Yukes Company, mobile games will be made by Jump Games. Novel adaptations of the film will be produced by Titan Books. 

Pacific Rim revolves around an alien attack of Earth where humans fight back against the monsters with robotic creations named Jaegers. The film was written by Travis Beacham (Clash of the Titans). 

Below is a preview image of the Gipsy Danger Jaeger toy: