'Lego Batman': Billy Dee Williams to Voice Two-Face

Billy Dee Williams - H 2016
Courtesy of Lippin Group
Nearly 30 years after playing Harvey Dent in 1989's 'Batman,' the actor is getting his due.

Billy Dee Williams is finally getting his due as Two-Face.

The actor will voice the character in the upcoming Lego Batman Movie, with the news coming from director Chris McKay, who was asked on Twitter if Williams would be voicing the role.

The beloved actor played Harvey Dent in 1989's Batman — but never got to step into the role of the D.A.'s villainous alter ego. Williams had desperately wanted to play Two-Face, which was a big reason why he signed on to play Harvey Dent in the Tim Burton film, but the franchise moved in another direction when director Joel Schumacher took over. 

Tommy Lee Jones would eventually play Two-Face in 1995's Batman Forever (but only after some serious convincing from one of its producers).  

Williams is known for playing Lando Calrissian in the Star Wars universe, and in a bit of sci-fi symmetry, Star Trek legend William Shatner will voice Two-Face in a different animated version next year.

The Lego Batman Movie is set to hit theaters Feb. 20 and voice stars Will Arnett as The Dark Knight. Williams discusses wanting to play Two-Face in a Batman sequel below.