'Lego Batman' Will Pay Tribute to The Dark Knight's Many Cinematic Incarnations

Lego Movies Still - H 2014
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"There are 40 versions of his origin story alone"

For those hoping to see a movie that acknowledges the entire history of DC Entertainment’s Dark Knight, rest easy: Such a film is on the way — but it’s not the one with Ben Affleck under the cape and cowl.

“Rest assured every era of Batman filmmaking will be acknowledged,” The Lego Movie’s Chris Miller told Empire about plans for the franchise’s Batman-centric spinoff. “There have been so many interpretations of Batman and there is so much to play with there. There are 40 versions of his origin story alone.”

And, yes, that means a long-awaited return to the good humor of the 1960s Batman TV series. “Adam West was the last happy Batman — Adam West seemed so excited!” Miller’s partner Phil Lord remembered. “He did it like James Bond kind of, like Roger Moore: ‘I’m so happy to be here!’”

Miller said that both of the announced Lego Movie spinoffs — in addition to The Lego Batman Movie, Lego Ninjago is also in the works — will “have their own tone and their own voice,” but the two will co-exist inside the fictional universe of the original Lego Movie, with Lord likening it to a reverse Marvel Studios situation. “We started with The Avengers and now we’re going to spin off and explore the different worlds, then come back,” he said.

The Lego Batman Movie is scheduled for release in 2017.

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