The LEGO Battle of Helm's Deep Is Appropriately Epic

Two fans of "Lord of the Rings" chose LEGO as the medium to demonstrate their devotion to Tolkein's classic fantasy, and the results are very impressive.
Goel Kim

Question: What do you get if you mix 150,000 LEGO bricks, 2,000 LEGO minifigures, six months of effort and a couple of Lord of the Rings fans? Answer: The LEGO Battle of Helm's Deep. Prepare to be amazed -- and just a little bit jealous that you don't have one, too.

There's already an official version of the famous battle from Lord of the Rings, but this custom creation by a couple of fans is more than 100 times the scale, weighing about 400 pounds and the result of 18 months' worth of preparation before building even started.

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The result is intricate, surprisingly beautiful, and a testament to the power of fandom, if not outright obsession. Hopefully, someone at LEGO has seen this and decided to offer the fans some kind of reward -- even if it's only some free LEGO bricks for their next creation.