Lego and Chevy Team for Life-Size Brick Batmobile

The vehicle, built with over 300,000 lego bricks, is sadly "not available for purchase."
Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures
'The Lego Batman Movie'

Chevrolet and Lego — with some help from Detroit area students — unveiled a full-size lego version of the batmobile featured in the upcoming Lego Batman Movie.

This Batmobile — based on the speedwagon in the film (out Feb. 10) — measures 17 feat long by 9.25 feet wide. It weighs more than 1,695 pounds. Bricks? The thing has 344,187 of them in it. (There's an interior aluminum frame made from 86 feet of tubing to stabilize the model). Chevy specs on real version give it a $48 million price tag.

The lego Batmobile is on display at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit through Jan. 22, and after that, at the Chicago Auto Show.

The model was built at the Lego Model Shop in Enfield, CT. It took 222 hours to design and another 1,883 hours to build. The model is sadly, Lego says, "not available for purchase." But over at Chevrolet it is possible to customize your own version of the Batmobile in one of 12 colors, ranging from midnight black to smokey black.  

There's also a funny video of potential customers evaluating the batmobile to Batman's chagrin (all done in lego minifigures)