'The Lego Movie' Releases Blooper Reel (Video)

The new promo clip for the hit toy movie offers a glimpse at what went wrong during production -- well, kind of.

If the success of The Lego Movie's first weekend -- and its critical acclaim -- didn't convince you of the appeal of watching a bunch of blockheads for a couple of hours, here's something that might help: Two and a half minutes of "bloopers" from the movie.

Mixing what seems to be genuine outtakes from recording -- man, I felt that "bank teller" thing a bit too much -- and specially created bits of animation all too familiar to those who spent too much of their childhood with badly constructed Lego sets, the video manages to capture a lot of the charm of the movie.

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The Lego Movie opened last weekend with an impressive $69.1 million weekend take, prompting Warners' Dan Fellman to say that the studio would "definitely be talking very shortly about [more] plans for Lego." Consider this video a taste of things to come, then.