Lego Unveils 4,700-Piece 'Star Wars' Star Destroyer Set

Lego Star Destroyer - Publicity - H 2019
Courtesy of Lego
With a hefty price tag, you may have to sell your 'Amazing Spider-Man' #300 to buy it.

This is the Lego set serious builders are looking for.

In what is shaping up to be one of the biggest sets of all time, Lego today unveiled the 4,700-plus piece Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer set.

Hailing from Lego's Ultimate Collector Series, it is geared toward dedicated expert builders and is one of its most expensive, retailing at $699.99.

The Star Destroyer, named the Devastator, captures the details of the starship that appeared in the opening scenes of the original 1977 movie and includes swiveling guns, a tilting radar dish, hinge engine exhausts and intricate surface detailing. It also comes with a scale version of the Rebel ship, Tantive IV. On the stand, it measures 17" (44 cm) high, 43" (110 cm) long and 26" (66 cm). It's over 14" (37 cm) high without the stand.

With a precise brick count of 4,784 pieces, it comes in behind an Ultimate Collectors Set Millennium Falcon as well as another retired Falcon set, along with the Lego Taj Mahal and Ninjago City to rank in the top five biggest of all time. (The aforementioned UCS Falcon has the top spot with 7,541.)

The set hits stores Oct. 1 but Sept. 18 for Lego VIP members.

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