First Look: Lego Unveils 'Tron: Legacy' Set

TRON Legacy LEGO - Box- Publicity-H 2018
Courtesy of Lego
The Light Cycles from the 2010 sequel are brought to (brick) life in this 230-piece set out March 31.

“It not just a game anymore,” promised the posters for 2010’s Tron Legacy. And now Lego is making that idea just a little bit more real with the release of the Tron: Legacy dual Light Cycle set. And here’s a first look at the set the brings the coolest virtual cycles to life.

The 230-piece set includes two light cycles that can seat a minifigure, three minifigures (Sam Flynn, Quorra and Rinzler) and a Tron grid with attachment points that can display the cycles side by side or in a chase scene. Flynn’s Light Cycle is translucent blue and Rinzler’s is translucent orange. Both come with cool translucent pieces that mimic the cycle’s power streams. Also included in the set are Quorra’s sword, trans blue identity discs for Flynn and Quorra and two trans orange identity discs for Rinzler.

The Tron: Legacy set is part of Lego’s Ideas line. Ideas sets are fan-designed models that are uploaded to Lego’s website. If a submission gets 10,000 votes, it gets an official review from Lego for consideration as a production set. Only a handful of reviewed sets are actually put into production. Previous Ideas sets that made to store shelves include the Women of NASA, the Back to the Future DeLorean and a Doctor Who and Tardis set.

Lego Ideas set 21314 Tron: Legacy goes on sale March 31 for $34.99.