Lego 'Wall-E' Set Revealed

Wall E - H
A Pixar animator designed it and the votes of 10,000 fans convinced Lego to make it.

Images of the Lego Wall-E model have surfaced and it's as adorable as expected. The 203-piece set is expected to sell for $40-$50 when released later this year, most likely in December. 
The set has an interesting backstory: It was designed by Pixar animator Angus MacLane, who first built a version of it in the summer of 2005, at the same time he was working on the original design of the animated version. MacLane put the model aside and did a refined version in 2008 (when Lego released a new set of tractor tracks). 
In 2014, he submitted it to Lego Ideas, a site where fans can submit models for consideration as production sets. Those that get 10,000 votes get an official review by the company. The company announced in February it would produce the set. Licensed pop culture sets have proved popular on Ideas — the company made a Back to the Future DeLorean in 2014 and a Big Bang Theory set is coming later this year.   
The images were first revealed on the website of British retailer Smyth's Toys.