'Lesbian Vampire Killers' Director Boards 'Crawlspace' for New Line (Exclusive)

FILM: James Wan
<p>&quot;Saw&quot; director James Wan and writer Leigh Whannell (Paradigm, Stacey Testro, Myman Greenspan) are in talks to make a sequel to 2011 horror hit &quot;Insidious.&quot; Jason Blum will be back as producer.</p>   |   Ernesto Ruscio/Getty Images
James Wan is producing the horror movie with Rick Alvarez.

Phil Claydon has signed on to direct Crawlspace, a New Line horror movie that the company hopes will follow in the low-budget success of The Conjuring.

Gary Dauberman (Syfy's Swamp Devil) wrote the screenplay about a family that moves into a new house and immediately falls prey to strange occurrences. But what seems like a traditional supernatural thriller gets twisty when the rug is pulled from under both the family and the audience.

The project was at one time called Within.

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Horror meister James Wan has come aboard to produce the project with Rick Alvarez.

Walter Hamada and Dave Neustadter are overseeing for New Line.

Claydon (UTA, Kaplan Perrone) is a genre guy best known for directing 2009 horror comedy Lesbian Vampire Killers. He was at one point attached to direct Dan Minter: Badass for Hire.

New Line’s Conjuring was made for about $20 million but grossed $137 million domestically and $316 million worldwide. The company is now not only making a sequel but developing a spinoff titled Annabelle.