Leverage's Stephen Levinson Preps Sci-Fi 'Alien Bounty Hunter' (Exclusive)

Stephen Levinson - S 2015
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'Hunter' will initially be released as a series of comics published by CME Comics in 2016.

Stephen Levinson, whose management and production firm Leverage Management is behind shows such as Entourage and Ballers, is expanding into sci-fi territory with Alien Bounty Hunter.

Levinson has created the sci-fi action adventure property he hopes to translate into a range of media, beginning with comic books.

Levinson is partnering with CME, a publisher and content company for the book as well as with producer-writer F.J. DeSanto of Silver Fox Entertainment to develop the concept.

Hunter will be released as a series of comics published by CME Comics in 2016. And the property will continue to be developed across multiple platforms based on the initial story by Levinson and DeSanto

For the potential future screen adaptations of the story, Levinson has brought in Mark Wahlberg as a producing partner.

Hunter follows the global adventures of an unorthodox bounty hunter, hired by the U.S. government to do a job they can’t: track down the world's most wanted criminal — an alien who poses an unusual threat to society.

Levinson, Wahlberg and DeSanto are repped by WME. DeSanto and CME are additionally repped by Matt Sugarman of Weintraub Tobin.

Leverage’s Bret Slater is the executive overseeing the project.