Lex Luthor Asks Fans: Batman v Superman, Who Wins?

Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor - H 2016
The second video promoting the movie's Omaze campaign takes the question to the comic book store.

Following Henry Cavill's surveying of the kid vote, the Omaze fundraising campaign attached to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice continues to try to discover whether the Man of Steel or Dark Knight reigns supreme with a new video that sends Jesse Eisenberg into the comic book store for answers.

The fan perspective appears to be more favorable to Superman than the opinions of the pre-teen audience, undoubtedly to Henry Cavill's relief, but Eisenberg can't resist poking fun at how seriously some have considered the decades-old debate. "Batman is smarter? In what subjects?" he asks one fan. When the fan suggests Batman is a better scientist, Eisenberg replies, "So Superman's more of a humanities, like a history and English guy?"

The video, shot at New York's Midtown Comics, also features a Superman fan named Angela who manages to offer an impressively in-depth explanation of why the Last Son of Krypton deserves the win. "You wanna drop the mic?" Eisenberg jokes when she's finished, but she earned her "boom."

The clip is the second in a series promoting the Omaze campaign benefiting the SEED Project, Eastern Congo Initiative and Durrell Wildlife Conversation Trust, three non-profits based in Africa and the U.K. Those contributing to the campaign will be entered into a draw to attend the New York premiere of the Warners/DC movie on March 20, as well as having the chance to receive other awards including dinner with Eisenberg or a meet-and-greet with Cavill.

More information about the campaign is available here. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will be released on March 25.