Lindsay Lohan's Latest 'Canyons' Trailer Goes for Melodrama (Video)

The latest clip for the Bret Easton Ellis penned independent production promises that the film is "coming soon to an Internet server of your choice."

The Canyons seems to alternate between genres every time a new clip for the independently produced film arrives. "Los Angeles as you have never seen it before," promises the narrator in the latest official trailer for the Lindsay Lohan movie. 

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While The Canyons teaser contented itself with noirish scenery images of Los Angeles destinations, the second trailer had a distinctly campy grindhouse-style tone. The latest trailer paints the film with some '50s melodrama brushstrokes. 

The movie, described as a indie sexual thriller, is written by brat pack author Bret Easton Ellis (Less Than Zero, American Psycho), directed by Paul Schrader and also stars porn actor James Deen. Lohan plays a character named Tara, who is described in the clip as "a sensous woman torn between two loves." 

On Kickstarter, the project had already raised $159,000 for production of the film and to raise awareness for its distribution. The new trailer promises that the film will be "coming soon to an Internet server of your choice."