'The Only Living Boy' Meets the Rozak (Preview)

This week's episodes of the popular young adult webcomic introduce a new triple-headed threat for the world's last human.
Steve Ellis/Bottled Lightning

This week’s installments of The Only Living Boy, the ongoing webcomic by David Gallaher and Steve Ellis introduce the biggest monsters Erik Farrell has faced so far since waking up in the unfamiliar world that’s now his home — and THR has a preview of Wednesday’s and Friday’s pages before they goes live on the site.

Gallaher, a former Maryland Public School System teacher who has written for Marvel Entertainment and worked as a consultant for Random House, says that the young adult series — which follows the adventures of the 12-year-old Farrell as he explores a world he doesn’t recognize in which he may be, as the title says, the last human alive — comes from a love of classic pulp, old-time radio shows and Saturday morning cartoons.

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This week’s new creation — the Rozak — is described by Gallagher as “inspired by Silver Age monster magazines, ‘50s monster movies, and the skeletal structures of dinosaurs,” with the writer saying that that the three-headed creature is the creation of series villain Doctor Once, standing ready to “devour any creature that dares defy him”… which doesn’t necessarily bode well for Erik.

In addition to the free webcomic serialization, The Only Living Boy is published by Gallaher and Ellis’ Bottled Lightning through ComiXology’s “Submit” program, with that company’s John Roberts saying that the series is a “top performer” for the digital platform.

The Only Living Boy updates three times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) here, but this week’s episodes can be read right now below, along with an early sketch of the Rozak from series artist Ellis.