Local TV Anchors Stage Epic Lightsaber Fight for Star Wars Day

The digital short is a little more than three minutes long and features some impressive visual effects.
KMGH 7News
KMGH 7News staffers battle in a digital short for Star Wars Day.

There were plenty of mentions of Star Wars Day on May 4 at TV news stations around the country, but one station in Denver kicked it up a notch with an epic lightsaber battle that looks fantastic. 

KMGH 7News meteorologist Lisa Hidalgo and traffic reporter Jayson Luber lock blades for control of the newsroom in the digital short that is a little more than three minutes long. 

While some Star Wars TV news promos are cheesy and cringeworthy, the KMGH short doesn't suffer from that problem. One of the best parts of the video is watching chief meteorologist Mike Nelson play the straight man to all the craziness going on around him. 

As an added bonus, the video includes a rundown of how the unofficial nerd holiday came about. 

The digital short was directed by Travis Lupher, a station producer who is also a filmmaker. 

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