'Logan' Clip Shows Wolverine in Unexpected Role: Bored, Sleepy Chauffeur

What could be more exciting than listening to Wolverine leave a voicemail in response to a Pennysaver ad?

Another teaser for next month's Logan has been released by 20th Century Fox, and if it's anything to go by, perhaps fans were too hasty in expecting the movie to be an emotional journey through a postapocalyptic landscape …

The clip, titled "Sunseeker," shows Logan (Hugh Jackman) as a bored, sleepy chauffeur to a number of different passengers unimpressed by having the most popular member of the X-Men driving them about, while a voiceover plays a message left by Logan (using his birth name, James Howlett) calling a "Mr. Esperanza," asking if he'd be willing to sell a yacht for $60,000 in cash. "No paperwork, not a big fan of paperwork," he explains.

The yacht, a 1996 Sunseeker, is apparently for Howlett's dad — which, let's be honest, is probably a euphemism for Charles Xavier, whom trailers have shown is one of Logan's travel companions in the movie.

Quite how Logan's apparent career change fits in with everything else that's been glimpsed in the trailers for the feature to date isn't entirely clear, but the possibility that James Mangold's follow-up to The Wolverine is actually going to turn out to be about the mutant hero coming to terms with middle age — with a less than glamorous night job while also dealing with a crotchety old mentor and surrogate daughter — suddenly makes the movie seem far closer to the ideal X-Men sitcom we've all been dreaming about for years than anyone could have expected.

Logan will be released March 3.