Why Fox Flew a Fan to Reunite With Hugh Jackman 8 Years After Chance Meeting at Quiznos

Telling a funny story on Reddit really paid off for one 'X-Men' fanatic.
C. Spencer
Hugh Jackman (left) with fans Miko Balambao and Clayton Spencer

Eight years after randomly meeting Hugh Jackman at a Quiznos (yes, really), one die-hard Wolverine fan was given the chance to meet his idol once again.

In 2009, Clayton Spencer was at a Quiznos in Seoul, South Korea, before an opening night screening of X-Men Origins: Wolverine when he experienced a comic-book worthy twist: behind him in line was none other than Hugh Jackman, also there to grab food before the show.

Jackman chatted with Spencer briefly and asked for a sandwich recommendation, which Spencer offered (Italian with red onions, blue cheese, toasted with olives) and Jackman took.

There's something quite charming about Spencer's simple story, which took off on Reddit earlier this month and caught the eye of 20th Century Fox, which flew him out to New York and put him up at a hotel for a Logan fan event Feb. 24. Meeting Jackman again, Spencer notes the actor was dauntingly tall and didn't stop smiling.

"He spent about 30 minutes talking to the fans that were standing outside … and about 15 minutes doing interviews with various news affiliates," says Spencer, who lives in North Carolina. "He devotes a lot more time to the fans, and I really appreciate that."

Spencer didn't mention the Quiznos connection, simply telling Jackman he was "Spencer from Reddit."

Logan, which has received glowing reviews, couldn't be more different than X-Men Origins, Jackman's first Wolverine solo movie, which holds the distinction of being the worst-reviewed X-Men movie ever. Spencer certainly gives Logan the thumbs-up.

"As a fan, I have waited to see a grumpy old Wolverine that was not hesitant about lopping off limbs and heads," he says. 

As for what he ate this trip? He went local rather than Quiznos, dining at Katz's Delicatessen in Soho. Naturally, he has a sandwich recommendation: "Get a corned beef on rye with Russian dressing. It's a $16 sandwich, but worth every penny."

Logan opens Friday. Stay tuned to Heat Vision for much more this week.