'Logan' Honest Trailer Enlists Ryan Reynolds to Pitch 'Old Man Deadpool'

The Merc with the Mouth is back to send up Hugh Jackman.
Ben Rothstein

Honest Trailers is celebrating its 200th trailer with some Old Man Logan style.

Like legitimately great movies such as The Dark Knight before it, Honest Trailers admits it has trouble making fun of Logan, but it tries its best anyway — noting that instead of facing off against Sabretooth and the Silver Samurai, Logan (Hugh Jackman) must battle failing eyesight and other ailments of aging.

When the Honest Trailers narrator gets stuck with more things to say, he calls up Deadpool (guest star Ryan Reynolds) and attempts to bait him into mocking the movie. No dice.

"If Jackman doesn't get an Oscar nom, I'm setting every VHS copy of Crash on fire," says Deadpool, a reference to Crash's controversial best picture win in 2006.

He goes on to campaign for director James Mangold to helm an Old Man Deadpool movie in 20 years.

"Oh, man, how good would that be? Just 90 minutes of Cable and I changing each others space diapers," says Deadpool.

Check it out below (and relive Reynolds' first appearance on Honest Trailers here).

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