'Logan' Found Footage Video Reveals X-23's Secret Origins

She really does have a lot in common with Wolverine.

"She's like you."

That's what Professor X (Patrick Stewart) tells Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) in the first trailer for Logan — and now a found footage marketing video is driving that point home.

The video, released Wednesday, shows Laura (‎Dafne Keen) in a place similar to the Weapon X facility that decades ago turned James Howlett (aka Logan) into the Wolverine. There's lots of blood and claws. Sound familiar?

The trailers for Logan have already revealed that Laura has fighting chops to rival Wolverine's, but this video is the first time it's been confirmed she came from a lab. She really is like Logan. In the comics, Laura is also known as X-23, a female clone of Wolverine. Though the X-23 moniker hasn't been used during the marketing of Logan, it's a safe bet if Laura is not X-23 in name, she is in spirit.

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