'Logan': Hugh Jackman Is Battered, Bruised (But Still Ripped) as Wolverine in New Photo

Even with a diminished healing factor, he still has the muscle.

There's still plenty to see of Logan.

A week after the first trailer debuted, Logan director James Mangold is keeping the reveals coming, this time showing more from a scene teased in the trailer. A new photo shows a shirtless Logan (Hugh Jackman), bloodied and scarred, standing in front of a mirror. He's also ripped (this is a Wolverine movie, after all).

The scars and wounds (which look like they come from bullet holes) are a new twist on the character, whose healing factor isn't what it's used to. The film takes place in a future, where Logan's powers are diminished and Prof. X (Patrick Stewart) is a shell of his former self.

Jackman's physical transformations for the role over the years is the stuff of legend, and even playing an aged version of the character didn't allow the actor to skip the gym. Logan also stars Boyd Holbrook as the villain Donald Pierce and Dafne Keen as the young girl Laura (also known as X-23 in the comics).

Logan hits theaters March 3, 2017. 

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