'Logan' Offers Rare Reminder It's a Superhero Movie

A bad guy's metal hand is the latest tease from the third Wolverine film.

The first trailer has been out for weeks, but the Logan Instagram account continues to drop never-before-seen stills from the Wolverine film. 

The latest offers a closer look at a metal hand that presumably belongs to the film's chief villain, Donald Pierce (Boyd Holbrook) or one of his men — the group of mercenaries known as the Reavers (who in the comics are cyborgs).

This is a rare reminder in Logan's wonderfully executed marketing campaign that this is indeed a comic book movie. Other than the trailer's few shots of Adamantium claws or the shaking room (likely caused by the psychic powers of Prof. X), everything we've seen from the movie makes it look like a western — something fans have been embracing. 

Here's the new shot of the metal arm: 



A photo posted by @wponx on

For fun, here's a closer look at Pierce as well as one of his Reavers.

Logan, from director James Mangold, will hit theaters March 3.

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