'Logan': First Photo of an Older Wolverine Revealed

Mangold Twitter -Screen shot -  H P 2016
Courtesy of Twitter/Mangold
Hugh Jackman's character is looking rougher than ever.

This is the shot you've been waiting for.

Director James Mangold has debuted the first photo of an aged Logan (Hugh Jackman) from the upcoming third Woverine film. Logan, long rumored to be inspired by the 2009 comic book run "Old Man Logan," takes place in a future in which Mutants are scarce and Logan suffers from chronic pain and diminished healing powers.

And judging by this photo, Logan truly is worse for the wear. Check out those scars (not something we've seen on him before) and that haunted look in his eyes. Remember how X-Men: Days of Future Past had a happy ending where Jean and Charles and everyone else was alive and in the X-mansion? Something very bad must have happened between then and now. 

Mangold previously showed off a look at an older Prof. X (Patrick Stewart) in the film, while Logan's official Instagram account has been teasing the villains. 

Logan is set for March 3, 2017.