'Logan' Trailer Edited to Fit Classic '90s 'X-Men' Cartoon

Not all fans are sitting idly by, waiting for the March 2017 release of the final Wolverine installment.
Wolverine in the classic 'X-Men' cartoon.

That's a pretty good-looking retro-fitting, bub. 

Wolverine fans are hyped for the upcoming and final installment of the Hugh Jackman-starring franchise, Logan, which looks as though it is going to go out with a bang, but not all are simply sitting idly by, waiting for the March 2017 release date.

YouTuber Philysteak used dialogue from the Logan trailer and the perfectly chosen Johnny Cash song also featured in the real deal, and spliced it together with scenes from the classic Fox X-Men animated series from the '90s and the early 2000s X-Men: Evolution cartoon. It works pretty well. 

The first trailer for Logan was released last week, and it's a good bet — judging by the grittiness of the trailer, especially the red band edition (claws though the head! Whoa!) — that fans are going to finally get the Wolverine movie they deserve. 

Check out the cartoon makeover below.