First 'Logan' Trailer Is the Beginning of the End for Wolverine

Hugh Jackman is bringing out the claws one final time in the new trailer for his third Wolverine film, Logan.

The understated and emotional trailer shows Logan (Jackman) coming across Professor X (Patrick Stewart) — both older — and telling him the "world is not the same as it was. Mutants, they're gone now."

But the Professor has one more mission for Logan, to help a young girl who is "very much" like Logan. The pair embark on a journey to get her where she's going, but the villain Donald Pierce (Boyd Holbrook) looks to get in the way. 

Logan had been shrouded in secrecy until a few weeks ago, when Jackman, director James Mangold and the film's new Instagram account began dropping a still almost every day, leading up to Wednesday's reveal of the first photo of Jackman as an aged Wolverine. The film takes place in the future, with Logan older and suffering from a diminished healing factor. Jackman is retiring from the role he's held since 2000's X-Men after one final adventure. 

The team behind Logan has said it will be bloody and R-Rated — and an extended international trailer proves that with one scene in particular (check out the extended trailer below).

Logan hits theaters March 3, 2017. 

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Oct. 20, 11:45 a.m. Updated to include the international trailer.