'Logan' Trailer: Wolverine Brings Out the Claws One Last Time

Hugh Jackman is back in the sequel.

How do you follow up an acclaimed trailer? Like this.

After dropping a tone-perfect first trailer for Logan in October, Hugh Jackman is bringing out the claws again, and in a rare move for a blockbuster, the marketing campaign is sticking to just two trailers. (Talk about a vote of confidence.)

Last month, director James Mangold screened the first 42 minutes of the film for press, and gave opening remarks to introduce it. Here are a few highlights from what Mangold revealed about Logan (don't worry, it's spoiler-free).

The movie aims to avoid superhero fatigue…

"There's a slew of films, comic book-themed films, superhero movies, whatever you want to call them, and I for one am feeling kind of an exhaustion watching them, generally. So my concern making one was, not only I want to like what I make — that's a nice thing — but I also want to be excited by what I make," said Mangold. "I wanted to make a film that was built on the drama first."

Mangold pitched the movie to Fox "Little Miss Sunshine with Marvel characters and violence…"

"It came from a desire to make a film about relationships," said Mangold. "I wanted to make a movie about love. Logan is a character who has existed throughout all the X-Men pictures and the Wolverine movies and comic books galore, pushing away relationships, pushing away intimacy. If this was going to be a last film for Hugh, I felt like we needed to push those issues to the fore."

This film earns its R-rating…

"We also felt like people had been dying to see this clawed character unleashed in terms of the physical action, and I think that is something you are going to be confronted with fairly quickly when you watch this," said Mangold. "If I was making a movie about a real badass guy with Adamantium claws, this is what you'd see, without me worrying about what I could get past the ratings board. This is in many ways, it's not only about the violence though, or language. Essentially what I think you'll recognize is we made a movie for adults."

And here are a few spoiler-free thoughts Heat Vision had after viewing the first act of the movie: 

— The hopes fans have placed in this movie is well-deserved. The first act delivers on everything that's been promised: violence, character drama and most importantly, putting the story first. 

— Patrick Stewart is at the top of his game as Prof. X. This could go down as his finest performance as the character.

— Laura (Dafne Keen) is about to be a lot of people's favorite new hero of 2017.

For more, check out the U.K. trailer, which is pretty similar, but features a Prof. X f-bomb.

Logan hits theaters March 3.

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