'Lois Lane' Comic Mirrors Real-World Migrant Crisis

Lois Lane comic_Cover - Publicity - P 2019
Mike Perkins/DC
DC's new series launches next week.

Superman is far from the only member of the Kent household who crusades for truth, justice and the American way. Sometimes Lois Lane goes for bigger targets (and hits harder) than her superpowered husband, as Heat Vision’s exclusive preview of next week’s debut for Lois’ new solo comic book series makes clear.

The new 12-issue Lois Lane series by Greg Rucka and Mike Perkins sees the most iconic reporter in comic books — not to mention the most fearless — do what she does best: search out the truth behind a story that, as can be seen below, doesn’t feel too removed from certain current events in the real world, in which a debate is raging about the United States' treatment and incarceration of migrants crossing the border. 

Lois Lane is part of an expansion of DC’s Superman line of comic books. Later in the month, the publisher will launch a 12-part Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen series by Matt Fraction and Steve Lieber, while Superman and Action Comics writer Brian Michael Bendis has recently launched the six-issue Event Leviathan series — in which Lois also plays a leading role — spinning out of Superman-related storylines.

The series launches in comic stores and digitally July 3. Read on for a glimpse of Lois’ latest adversaries.