When Loki Met Cookie (Video)

Tom Hiddleston Comic-Con - H 2013
Kevin Winter / Getty Images Entertainment
Forget Thor; PBS has demonstrated that Loki is so much better -- or, at least, kinder -- when talking to a muppet.

As those who have seen Thor and The Avengers -- or, for that matter, grew up reading Marvel Comics in general -- already know, Loki is not to be trusted. Sure, he'll seem like he's just talking to you and it's all friendly conversation, but suddenly, BAM, there's a spear through your chest and you're dead (until you're not because ABC wants you back to star in their biggest show of the fall season).

All of which is prelude to sharing the following: Cookie Monster, don't eat that cookie.

PBS has released a two-minute Sesame Street skit that features Loki's screen incarnation Tom Hiddleston apparently teaching Cookie Monster the benefits of "delayed gratification" -- which, appropriately, Cookie Monster complains are "big words" for the core Sesame audience. In the two-minute scene, intercut with inexplicable black-and-white footage apparently shot by someone off to the right of the real camera, Hiddleston informs Cookie Monster that if he can hold off eating a single delicious cookie, there'll be something better waiting for him later on.

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Surprisingly -- but thankfully for those of us who grew up with Sesame Street and hold fond memories of Cookie Monster in particular -- that "something better" isn't a Coulson-esque fate. But, given Hiddleston's scary fondness for the Loki role and the adulation it brings, how can we be sure that there wasn't something evil about that new plate of cookies produced at the end? All I'm saying is, don't be surprised if a mind-controlled Cookie Monster appears in the background of Thor: The Dark World when it's released later this year.

Watch the video below: