Long-Lost 'Black Angel' to Hit Netflix, iTunes in Early 2014, Says Director

Fantasy short that accompanied "The Empire Strikes Back" in 1980 to receive digital re-release next year.
Roger Christian/Athena Studios

The short film that is said to have inspired Excalibur before disappearing for three decades will finally be made available to the public, as director Roger Christian has announced that Black Angel will be released through iTunes and Netflix in 2014.

The 25-minute movie about a knight getting lost in a fantasy realm as he returned home from the Crusades was the directorial debut for one-time set designer Christian, who worked with George Lucas on the original Star Wars. That relationship led to the short's original release, accompanying The Empire Strikes Back on its European and Australian theater release -- after which, the short pretty much disappeared (literally; the negative was believed lost until a couple of years ago).

STORY: Long Lost 'Black Angel' to Be Shown at Mill Valley

Fully-restored by the Bay Area Visual Effects Society and Emeryville, CA's Athena Studios, Black Angel received its "world re-premiere" last week at the Mill Valley Film Festival ahead of next year's release on digital platforms. Talking to the LA Times about the film's return to circulation, Christian said that he's "waited three decades to be able to show this film to audiences once again," adding that he's "so grateful" for the assistance he received in making it available once more.

Ahead of the movie's official release, Athena Studios has made clips available online to allow audiences to see what they can expect next year.