Look Inside Nazi Hunter Memoir 'For Justice'

For Justice Preview
Sylvain Dorange/Humanoids
The graphic novel, from Humanoids' Life Drawn imprint, tells the true story of Serge and Beate Klarsfeld.

This week sees the release of For Justice: The Serge & Beate Klarsfeld Story, a graphic novel memoir of famous French Nazi hunters Serge Klarsfeld and Beate Klarsfeld. The memoir is created in partnership with the Klarsfelds themselves — and, ahead of release, The Hollywood Reporter has an exclusive preview.

Known for their work identifying and hunting down German Nazis and French Vichy officials in the decades following the Second World War — with multiple war criminals identified and prosecuted as a result of their actions — the Klarsfelds have been recognized for their work by French authorities — Serge Klarsfeld received the title of commandeur de la Légion d'honneur in 2010 — remained active in the fight against fascism even recently, voicing their opposition to the rise of the right wing in contemporary times.

For Justice, written with input from the Klarsfelds, tells the story not only of their work, but of their lives together, including their first meeting and early romance. The book is the work of the team of Pascal Bresson and Sylvain Dorange (Hedy Lamarr: An Incredible Life), and released under Humanoids’ literary imprint Life Drawn.

For Justice: The Serge & Beate Klarsfeld Story will be released Jan. 26. Read on for a preview of the book’s opening pages.