The Looks of 'Future Past's' Quicksilver, Havok and Others Revealed

Empire Magazine Quicksilver Cover - P 2014
<p>Empire Magazine Quicksilver Cover - P 2014</p>   |   Empire Magazine
The looks of the characters from this summer's time-traveling mutant movie are revealed across 25 covers for "Empire" magazine, much to the excitement (and occasional derision) of the Internet.

For X-Men completists, today is either a great day, or one that bodes ill for bank balances in the near future. British movie magazine Empire has announced a special gimmick for its 25th anniversary issue: 25 different covers, each one spotlighting a different character from (and, in one case, director of) this summer's X-Men: Days of Future Past, with some being seen for the first time.

With new covers being released throughout the day, we've seen the first glimpse of the movie's Havok, Toad and Quicksilver, as well as new looks at Young Magneto, Young Xavier, Wolverine (both young and old) and Young Beast -- as well as shots of a Sentinel, Peter Dinklage as the movie's villain, Bolivar Trask, and Bryan Singer, sitting amid the world he's brought to the screen.

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So far, response from the X-faithful has been mixed, with the design for Quicksilver in particular garnering some unfavorable commentary online:

Somewhere, the costume designers for Avengers: Age of Ultron -- in which an alternate Quicksilver is due to make an appearance -- are taking notes and frantically redesigning their own take on the character.