'Looper' Trailer, Featuring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis, Arrives Online (Video)

Rian Johnson's sci-fi thriller finally opens up a full teaser look ahead of a September 28 release date.

For a movie about time travel, it sure took a while for Looper to reveal its first full trailer.

The Rian Johnson-written and directed flick features a heavily prosthetic-laden Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a mob hitman shortly before a time when bending the space-time continuum is standard commuting. He's a promising young assassin who is given a very unenviable next assignment: killing his future, murder-happy self, who is played by Bruce Willis (hence the need for the makeup job), who is zapped back 30 years for the two-man, one-identity show down. 

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It took nearly an entire week of teases for this two minute spot to come out, as FilmDistrict put out three separate teaser videos ahead of its reveal.

With an aesthetic that calls out western noir with a dash of The Matrix, the film certainly looks unique, and one can expect a few more trailers -- and many more teasers - ahead of its September 28 release date.