'Looper' Interactive Trailer Reveals New Interviews, Behind-the-Scenes Footage

Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Looper
Rian Johnson's sci-fi thriller stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a time-traveling hit man who is tasked with killing an older version of himself, played by Bruce Willis.

Looper, Rian Johnson’s time-traveling thriller starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis, shows promise to be a mind-blowing trip when it hits theaters on Sept. 28 -- and a new interactive trailer is proving that point once again.

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The film, which will open the Toronto International Film Festival on Sept. 6, follows a hit man (Gordon-Levitt) who travels through time to kill people in the past and future. However, when he’s sent to kill the older version of himself (Willis), all hell breaks loose.

So far, the promotional material (including some trailers, an interactive website and a Comic-Con presentation) has all proved that Johnson’s film may be the intense sci-fi thriller that we hope it is.

A new interactive trailer pushes the bar even higher. It’s basically the same trailer that’s already been around, but stuffed full of cool interactive features.

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For example, after watching the clip of Willis and Gordon-Levitt chatting in a diner, you can click the tab at the top to hear Johnson talk about why that scene was interesting (it was one of the first that the actors got to work together on), and then check out some behind-the-scenes photos. As you move through the clips, you unlock more and more goodies. On top of all that, you get to answer questions about what you’d do in these insane situations, and if you answer correctly, you win silver bars. (The interactive trailer is here.)

To become a younger version of the Willis, Gordon-Levitt had makeup added to his face, but also spent time studying the Die Hard actor to emulate his mannerisms.

VIDEO: Comic-Con 2012: 'Looper' Star Joseph Gordon-Levitt on Getting Kicked in the Head by Bruce Willis

“I really did study him. I watched his movie on repeat, I took the audio off of his movie and put them on my iPod so I could listen to him,” he told The Hollywood Reporter at Comic-Con. “But really more helpful than anything was getting to hang out with him.”

In the film, when Gordon-Levitt’s character meets up with Willis, he gets engaged in a full-on fight. THR asked the 31-year-old actor what if felt like to do action scenes with a genre star of Willis’ caliber.

“It feels a lot safer when somebody knows as well as he does how to do it,” he said.

“At the same time, I did get hit in the head once, which felt awesome,” he added. “I was like, ‘I just got hit in the head by Bruce Willis.’”

Looper hits theaters on Sept. 28.