'Loud' Graphic Novel Uses Silence to Tell Its Story (Exclusive Preview)

Loud Comic - Publicity - H 2019
Maria Llovet/Black Mask Comics
The project from 'Faithless' artist Maria Llovet debuts in January.

Maria Llovet came to many readers’ attention as the artist on Boom! Studios’ erotic thriller Faithless, but she’s pushing boundaries even further with her next project, Loud, a graphic novel she’s writing, illustrating and even lettering solo.

Loud is described by the publisher as “The Hunger if directed by Tarantino,” which feels an appropriate way to describe the decadent appeal of the book, written and illustrated by Llovet (Boom! Studios’ Faithless, Black Mask’s There’s Nothing There). Set in a club that shares its name with the book itself, Loud brings together a selection of characters looking for different things — love, sex, drugs and blood, to name just a few — who’ll soon share a very unexpected experience…and, potentially, a dangerous one.

“I’m very excited about the release of Loud because making this comic was a bit of a challenge for me; I’m usually very moody in my writing and here wanted to go the other way around,” Llovet tells Heat Vision via email. “It’s a very sordid story at its core, but presented in a very festive way. The contrast may shock some, but I think the result is interesting."

She continued, "It was also a bit of an experiment because most of the story is silent, as the music in the club is so loud that the characters can't hear each other, and relays deeply in its visual cinematographic narrative. That’s always one of my favorite parts.”

The book will hit shelves Jan. 22, 2020. For those wanting a taste of the illicit treats ahead, keep reading for an exclusive preview.