Macaulay Culkin Fumes Over Lame 'Home Alone' Video Games

Macaulay Culkin Home Alone Games - H 2018
At the end of the new Cinemassacre video, the actor recreates the famous booby-trapping scenes from the films.

Macaulay Culkin is not pleased with the lousy video games that bear his likeness. 

The Home Alone star recently dropped by the popular YouTube channel Cinemassacre to visit with James Rolfe, aka the Angry Video Game Nerd.

Both Home Alone and its sequel were massive hits, and among the plethora of merchandise created for the films were a number of video games for the hot systems at that time, including the Nintendo, Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis.

Culkin, dressed as a pizza delivery boy in a callback to the first film, plays and reviews the games with Rolfe.

For the most part, the games are brutal. They are exceptionally difficult, with random tasks and characters that have nothing to do with the actual films. Culkin remarks a number of times that he doesn't remember that ever happening to Kevin, getting more and more frustrated.

The nearly 20-minute video has some great gags and nods to the movies, but the big payoff is at the end when Culkin and Rolfe recreate the famous booby-trapping scenes from the films. 

Culkin, who by choice was out of the spotlight for years, has been making more and more appearances on talk shows to promote his website and podcast, Bunny Ears.