'MAD' Coming to Snapchat in Partnership Between DC and Snap

The classic humor magazine will offer a mix of new native content and archive material every day on the social media platform.
DC Entertainment/Snap Inc.
The classic humor magazine will offer a mix of new native content and archive material every day on the social media platform.

MAD isn’t just for magazines anymore. DC Entertainment, which publishes the iconic humor mag, announced Wednesday that it has partnered with Snapchat for new content to be published to the social media platform daily, starting this September.

“We’ll be taking on sports, celebrities, politics, pop culture and anything else in the zeitgeist. Nothing is off the table because nothing has ever been off the table with MAD,” former MAD senior vice president and executive editor John Ficarra said in a statement. Ficarra, along with Peter Girardi, executive vice president of Warner Bros. Television Group’s digital studio Blue Ribbon Content, will be in charge of the initiative.

The two had previously collaborated on the MAD animated series for Cartoon Network that ran from 2010 through 2013, although Girardi’s MAD pedigree goes back further than that; he studied in college under original MAD Magazine editor-in-chief, Harvey Kurtzman.

MAD Magazine had a big impact on me growing up and definitely formed my sense of humor,” Girardi said in a statement. “We are now bringing MAD’s unapologetic humor to new audience by going directly to the consumers on new platforms and in innovative ways, and we are very excited that the deal with Snap enables us to deploy timely and topical content in real time and in tandem with breaking news cycles.”

The move follows a relaunch for the MAD brand earlier this year, which includes a biweekly Twitch broadcast Fridays and upcoming podcast, alongside a magazine relaunch in June, edited by National Cartoonists Society president and former Futurama director Bill Morrison.

Content that will appear on Snapchat will be a mix of archive material curated by MAD’s “Gang of Idiots,” as well as new material responding to current events. Snap’s content team has been collaborating with Blue Ribbon and MAD in preparation for the launch, which is scheduled for Sept. 1.

“We can’t wait to see the classic work of iconic artists like Al Jaffee and Sergio Aragones and beloved franchises like Spy vs Spy reimagined for Snapchat,” said Sean Mills, head of original content for Snap Inc. “The creative possibilities of combining the singular MAD sensibility with our mobile-native format are really exciting.” 

Ficarra added, “This is a reinvention of the MAD brand with relevant, mobile-first storytelling that will allow us to reach new audiences that are consuming this type of social satire on their devices every day.”

The move comes as Snap has moved into original programming.