'Mad' Magazine Reveals How Everyone Can Actually Make America Great Again (Exclusive)

MAD America Pledge - H - 2016
Ward Sutton/DC Entertainment
Introducing the "I Will Make America Great Again Citizen's Pledge" to help you do your part to restore true values to the country.

For more than a year, the world has been hearing presidential nominee Donald Trump's campaign slogan, "Make America Great Again," but what does that actually mean? Thankfully, the usual gang of idiots at Mad magazine have decided to find out.

The next issue of the beloved humor magazine features "The Mad I Will Make America Great Again Citizen's Pledge," illustrated by The Onion's Ward Sutton, in which many citizens of this fair and pleasant land promise to do their bit to restore the values of our founding fathers … kind of. (Although, really, who doesn't want to know when the McRib will return?) For those who'd prefer an easier-to-read version than the one at the top of the story, here's another chance to find your personal pledge.

The magazine's "Politics 2016" issue also features a cover by Mark Fredrickson, with Mad's famous mascot, Alfred E. Neuman, managing to sum up how so many Americans feel about the current presidential election.

Mad No. 542 will be released digitally on Sept. 30, with a print release following on Oct. 11.