'Mad Max: Fury Road' Swerves Into Stores With Prequel Comic and Art Book

Mad Max Fury Road Comic - P 2015
<p>Mad Max Fury Road Comic - P 2015</p>   |   Tommy Lee Edwards/DC Entertainment
Artists involved include Dave McKean and 'Love and Rockets' co-creator Gilbert Hernandez.

The postapocalyptic world of Mad Max is jumping from the big screen to the comic book store this summer with the announcement that DC Entertainment’s Vertigo imprint will be releasing both an art book inspired by, and a comic book prequel to, the upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road.

The comic book prequel will take the form of three separate series, focusing on different characters in the movie and written by the movie’s director George Miller, co-writer Nico Lathouris and storyboard artist Mark Sexton. The prequel launches with May’s Mad Max: Fury Road — Nux & Immortan Joe, followed at monthly intervals with Mad Max: Fury Road — Furiosa and the two-part Mad Max: Fury Road — Mad Max.

May will also see the release of Mad Max: Fury Road — Inspired Artists, a hardcover collection of artwork inspired by the movie from the likes of Dave McKean, Bill Sienkiewicz, Gilbert Hernandez and more, interspersed with commentary from the artists and Miller.

Mad Max: Fury Road — Inspired Artists will be available in comic book stores May 6, ahead of the movie’s release May 15. Mad Max: Fury Road — Nux & Immortan Joe will be released in comic stores May 20.

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